Defining Student Success -The LEA Plan

It begins with a vision of improved outcomes for student learning.   It’s inclusive.  The preferred metrics and measures for student performance are determined and reviewed within the continuous improvement process.  These datasets are critically important.

These datasets guide stakeholder assessment and need analyses from which the annual school plan emerges.

SeligoAI provides access to data, analytics and communication resources for teachers, administrators, principals, guidance counselors, researchers, school boards and other key stakeholders.  This diverse set of data and augmented intelligence in real-time within an SaaS cloud-based platform improves the annual school planning process, decision-making and resource allocation.  Now colleagues can access and learn from data that is continuously drawn and displayed from various institutional data systems to support students. More data, more AI-enabled intelligence, more people helping students!


Transforming the Student Experience begins by reviewing the most basic and salient sets of information about each student.  See SeligoAI’s Student Success Module.  SeligoAI conveniently collects, analyzes and visualizes student data, school data and external demographic data.   These resources enable teachers and administrative staff to guide student learning more effectively.

SeligoAI's robust communication system offers multiple ways to share information, conduct communication flows to students and to colleagues.   Planning is also made easier by a variety of analytics.

SeligoAI offers an optimal learning resource for each student, the Student Success Module.   Create smartly-designed personalized learning plans for each student.  Each plan can reflect the student’s interests, level of preparation and performance in the school’s learning management system.  SeligoAI's Student Success Module offers teachers and administrative staff information and resources with which to create personalized learning goals and objectives.

 “Our mission is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access”.



Teachers are busy.    And teachers drive the primary value proposition of schools, namely the teaching-learning experience.

SeligoAI introduces each student to the teacher and then shares the student’s performance in each class  in real-time.  Behavior-based information is displayed from the learning management system in SeligoAI's Student Success module.   Whether the student is successfully progressing through the class material or experiencing challenges,  SeligoAI provides insights into each student’s learning process.   One click and the professor can access salient academic information.

The teacher can provide additional data-informed guidance to the student and to teaching assistants or administrative staff regarding content and cognitive skills which the student needs to review.  This is where SeligoAI's personalized learning plans begin. And such plans can be easily monitored and managed.

SeligoAI also helps everyone communicate with each other, to document conversations and to make recommendations.  SeligoAI's student success module provides two messaging systems, one for faculty and administrator staff, and the other for teachers and students.   Teachers can now develop data-informed expectations regarding the learning environments they are managing.

There is no need to ask teachers to be prescient about the individual and collective student performances in their classes.  SeligoAI understands this.   And SeligoAI offers insights to student performance which enables to improve teaching and learning environments.

Personalized Learning Plans supported by analytics, interactive visualizations and notification systems.

SeligoAI's notification system alerts teachers of individual student performance and cohort-based performance in real time.   As students engage in formative and summative learning assessments the results from the learning management system are conveniently reported  to the teacher.

Teachers are the essential catalyst in learning experience.   Other stakeholders support the teaching and learning process, but the teacher is the metamorphic factor.

SeligoAI supports teachers by providing  real-time access to each student’s performance in every class, in real-time. SeligoAI provides interactive visualizations of formative and summative assessments and more from the learning management system. Whether the student is successfully progressing through the class material or experiencing challenges, SeligoAI provides insights into each student’s learning process.

Stakeholder Accessibility and Engagement Strategies

SeligoAI's data, analytics and student success module and features offer data-informed perspectives with which to engage

  • Students
  • Parents, Guardians and Families Educators
  • Administrators
  • Local Educational Agency Members
  • Policymakers
  • Community Partners

Administrative Staff

Administrative staff including the principal manage essential financial, operational and technical workflows and resources of the school.. They understand the granular levels of operational management and they implement the LEA Plan.   Many, if not most of these individuals, enjoy substantial mastery of the campus’ transactional systems.

SeligoAI is a tool that complements existing EdTech resources and assists administrators in effectively managing the LEA Annual Plan.  SeligoAI supports multiple sections of the LEA Plan and focuses on meeting the learning outcomes defined by ESSA and by the LEA.

  • SeligoAI simplifies the management and review of individual student performance.
  • Reports formative and summative assessments with interactive visualizations and advanced analytics.
  • Improves internal and external communication regarding students including the ability to document observations and to create reports.
  • Simplifies review of information from the LEA’s multiple data sources.


  • Measure, Monitor and Manage key performance areas and meet your LEA’s goals for student outcomes.
  • Meet graduation goals
  • Achieve College and Career Readiness goals


New customized reports can also be developed to support institutional effectiveness of Teaching and Learning Excellence.

Principals and Administrative Staff need a line of sight across metrics and measures of the school’s key performance areas.    SeligoAI’s interactive visualizations offer granular details and developing trends related to a range of key performance areas:

  • Parent Engagement
  • Accessibility
  • Student Achievement and Advanced Analytics
  • Student performance by academic delivery system: HyFlex, Online and On-ground
  • Teaching and Learning Excellence
  • Persistence and Graduation Management
  • College and Career Readiness Assessment

SeligoAI is a major break-through!   SeligoAI is the intelligent agent which provides administrative staff and faculty with actionable knowledge and with interactive features to act on newly acquired insights.

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