SeligoAI! A New Approach

Move beyond the perfunctory enrollment workflows and create a recruitment and retention plan that makes sense for you. You’ve got the data already. Now you have SeligoAI.  SeligoAI’s use of artificial intelligence and machine learning find important insights in your data. This dynamic combination results in illuminating visualizations of your data and guides your planning.

Learn which zip codes represent underdeveloped student markets using SeligoAI’s demographics, geospatial displays, and student success analyses. Alumni, current students, and prospective students are displayed by student market. Plan for growth.

Discover new zip codes which are comparable to your primary student markets. This nothing-like-it-on-the-market feature guides new market development. Spend your marketing budget more efficiently when developing new markets.

Get to know your prospective students and current students using SeligoAI’s diverse set of analytics. Learn from individual and group outcomes-based and behavior based indices. Increase the probability of student success for all students. Interact with prospective and current students consistently by using SeligoAI’s Student Engagement system.
Conduct innovative marketing campaigns for current and prospective students based on academic and co-curricular interests. Then view response rates from students, from student families, and from academic ecosystem partners using SeligoAI’s multi-channel communication resources.

Support enrollment goals by academic department, and conduct diversified communication flows to multi-year cohorts. Review the extensive student datasets including those for Initial Choice of Major and Declared Major. Choose from potentially 200 plus data fields for each student. And enjoy learning more about your students!

Use SeligoAI’s diverse set of analytics to guide the development of your Inquiry pool and to serve and advise current students. Select and serve diverse student sets. Then align your institution’s value proposition(s) with students’ interests before and after they arrive on campus. Students and academic communities offer each other “life time values”.

Learn who is interested in your institution, and track students’ expressions of interest from Inquiry to Alumnus/na. Interact smartly with prospective and current students. SeligoAI welcomes and displays students’ digital visits, inquiries, and responses. SeligoAI’s individual and group traffic analyses and campaign management system are insightful.

Launch student support initiatives prior to the beginning of classes! Gain insights from outcomes-based and behavior-based analyses and offer students skill-specific and knowledge-specific assistance before classes meet. Help students prepare for the transition to college and encourage them to persist semester to semester.

Use the intra-campus messaging system, SeligoAI’s Report Exchange, to facilitate communication among faculty-staff support teams. Couple this with SeligoAI’s Student Engagement System to create meaningful exchanges between all participants in the intervention.

Click on the Discover button and view all current students through an innovative display designed to afford convenient access to most salient information. Various types of analytics are visualized. Use SeligoAI’s Interactive Student Table to drill down on areas of interest and to discover ways in which retention staff can more effectively serve students’ interests.

Engage students’ interests with SeligoAI’s Student Engagement and Campaign Management Systems to support academic ecosystems and internship opportunities. Assist and engage students in discussion about their academic pursuits and career interests.

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