Student Engagement, Reimagined!

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics and Visualizations. Configurable Machine Learning Computation Engine.   Three Modes – Standard, Configurable, and Customized Configurable.

  • Recruitment
  • Students - Personal and Professional Visioning
  • Retention
  • “Heads Up” Early Alert
  • Internship
  • Career Engagement
  • Integrated Analytics Platform for Student Success and Lifecycle Ecosystem

Marketing Analytics and Resources

Guided Pathways, Student Success and Lifecycle Ecosystem

  • Funnel Management Analytics and Reporting System
  • Interactive Research Tools
  • Lifecycle Client Relationship Management System for Recruiters, Retainers, and Callers
  • Communication System Email, Texting, and Intra-Office Messaging
  • SeligoAI Barista - Campaign Management with Affinity System
  • Notification System
  • Supports Community Colleges, Four-Year Colleges and Universities.
  • AI Computation Engine Designed to Support Access, Student Success, and Program Completion
  • Comprehensive Student Success and Lifecycle Ecosystem
  • Geospatial Analytics With Multiple Student Filter Sets
  • AI-Enabled Pathways, Internship Planning, and Workforce Development Tracking
  • Recruit, Persist, Discover and Plan  Analytics and Visualizations
  • Role Specific Data Visualization

The comprehensive Recruitment & Retention Ecosystem of the new generation

All statistics in real time

SeligoAI impacts your institution's fiscal outlook, increasing net tuition revenue and stabilizing financial planning.

100% mobile & cloud accessible

Fully-integrated digital marketing capabilities offer proactive outreach to recruit prospective students as well as to retain current students.

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Unique Value and Benefits


SeligoAI, a unique interactive business intelligence solution designed specifically for student-focused higher education. The solution offers a diverse set of resources to support higher education’s most essential administrative workflows.

SeligoAI’s features offer…

  • new perspectives and insights into students’ interests, goals, and career vision.
  • twenty-five digital applications which access multiple datasets, perform automated calculations, and feature visualizations designed to facilitate planning and decision-making.
  • and transform strategic and operational workflows for community colleges, four-year colleges and universities by creatively displaying and integrating non-indigenous datasets with institutional datasets in interactive charts and geospatial displays, and in visualizations designed to support institutional workflows.
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SeligoAI reduces marketing costs…

  • by offering a client relationship management system which serves multiple departments: recruitment, retention, fundraising, workforce development, and alumni relations.
  • by providing an integrated campaign management system with SeligoAI’s communication center and campaign management response systems.
  • by including a notification system which allows role-specific recipients to be alerted of various types of notices and information.
  • More

SeligoAI optimizes institutional resources

  • by facilitating planning and implementation of programs that support Student Success.

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