Student Achievement and Analytics

SeligoAI’s Advanced Analytics uniquely integrates probability analysis into student achievement.   Probability analysis is generated by machine learning through the application of multiple statistical calculations. The resulting probability-values or student success values offer insights into core strengths and opportunities in each student’s portfolio.

ESSA’s primary focus is on student achievement.   In support of this goal, SeligoAI also provides the students’ teachers additional information regarding academic preparation.  These resources assist teachers in developing personalized learning plans.  Teacher recommendations and assignments can be documented in each student’s record in the Student Success Module.  Teachers can also message with their colleagues and administrative team leaders regarding their observations and recommendations.  There is also a Documents repository for each student in the Student Success Module.

These individual student analyses are supplemented by various data sets, cohort-based analytics, and unique software applications which enable teachers to gain insight into student achievement.


LEA-s or a school’s administrative team can choose the data sets which they prefer to include in the machine learning calculations.   These calculations can include summative assessments chosen by the State and/or LEA to measure student achievement.   Customized calculations with the consultancy of a Data Scientist are available.

Community Stakeholders and Partnerships

SeligoAI manages Internships, Workforce Development Opportunities and Community Networks and displays the results on interactive visualizations.

ESSA and LEA-s recognize the value of the broad involvement of community stakeholders including teachers, principals, other school leaders, parents and family members, administrators, instructional support and community partners in the Annual Plan.  This is not a comprehensive list!   There are more key stakeholders to include!

By engaging the community, additional resources are frequently made available which directly benefits students, student families and teachers.   Secondary-level students can explore college and career opportunities through dual enrollment college courses and internships.

SeligoAI provides multiple messaging systems, network development resources including geospatial analyses and internship management tools.  SeligoAI is designed to facilitate reporting and  stakeholder management.

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