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Recruitment and Retention Analytics (Analytics)

The user-specific dashboard provides student success indices for individual students and cohorts. Automated reports focus on funnel management levels, key institutional research reports, financial aid analyses, and geospatial analyses.

Analytics Plus Retention User Roles

The Early Alert System and the Student Success System with Internship Planning program empower the retention team to provide academic support and career planning.

Analytics Plus Report Exchange

Benefit from the insights and perspectives of faculty and academic staff by using SeligoAI's Report Exchange, an intra-campus communication system.

Analytics Plus Recruitment and Retention Including a Student Relationship Management System

Enjoy an advanced student relationship management system including integrated email/text resources, a recruiter performance management system, and a territory assignment tool which automatically assigns students to recruiters to support core workflows in student recruitment. This module can be integrated with SeligoAI's Barista, a coalescence of campaign management and web traffic report to support student response rates.

Analytics Plus Market Research, Marketing and Communication Center

Discover Barista, a marketing system that reveals under-developed markets and new markets! Develop a comprehensive marketing plan to support strategic enrollment growth. Engage students with SeligoAI's Campaign Management System by creating communication flows that convey the value proposition of each academic program and co-curricular program!

Analytics Plus Administrative User Roles (Primary Modules)

SeligoAI's Plan module enables senior administrators to confer, discuss, and implement a comprehensive enrollment plan with which to manage key work flows including financial aid levels, enrollment goals, and net tuition revenue.

Analytics Plus Website and Mobile Microsite Reporting System

Experience significant insights regarding student and student family interest in your school. Discover global markets and learn which academic and/or co-curricular programs are evoking the greatest level of inquiry.

SeligoAI's Comprehensive Recruitment and Retention System

Benefit from SeligoAI's integrated modular system and enjoy its recruitment and retention analytics resources, its marketing platform and campaign management system, and its student relationship system. Of course, there are many more resources to explore! From start to finish, SeligoAI's intuitive design heuristics enable recruiters and retention staff to focus on student engagement.

Deep Analysis, Interactive Resources

Conduct targeted marketing campaigns to prospective students earlier in the recruitment cycle based on the three Success Indices.

  • Focus marketing campaigns on prospective students based on geospatial analyses; insight is afforded based on historic student markets and current student markets. Geospatial market intelligence enables the strategic use of funds to high-priority markets.
  • Develop communication flows to diverse student groups which describe the alignment of institutional resources with the expressed interests and academic performances of prospective and current students.
  • Explore new student markets through the use of the three Success Indices and Geospatial Analyses.
  • Gain insight into the common interests of students through the use of the advanced ‘Student Search’ feature which researches student information.
  • Provide observations into student groups on based their information through the use of the Autocluster feature.
  • Provide market intelligence throughout each phase of the funnel management process: prospect, inquiry, applicant, accepted, deposited, registered, matriculant, based on the three Success Indices and complementary analytics.

Strategic marketing and recruitment pivots can be made based on changes in students’ responses and Success Indices.

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