Unique Value and Benefits

SeligoAI, a unique interactive business intelligence solution designed specifically for student-focused higher education. The solution offers a diverse set of resources to support higher education’s most essential administrative workflows.

SeligoAI’s features offer…

  • new perspectives and insights into students’ interests, goals, and career vision.
  • twenty-five digital applications which access multiple datasets, perform automated calculations, and feature visualizations designed to facilitate planning and decision-making.
  • and transform strategic and operational workflows for community colleges, four-year colleges and universities by creatively displaying and integrating non-indigenous datasets with institutional datasets in interactive charts and geospatial displays, and in visualizations designed to support institutional workflows.
  • assistance to student recruitment while creating opportunities for process improvement, more effective decision-making, and better results.
  • quantitatively derived Student Success Indices using machine learning and provide assistance in preparing and monitoring Guided Pathway and retention strategies.
  • cloud-based, mobile accessible analytics package with which to address and to reduce attrition in the student populations.
  • resources to reduce recruiting costs by streamlining the application and evaluation process.
  • additional advantages to each university or college by creating an AWS instance with which to compile and analyze the school’s unique student datasets.
  • aggregated statistical information which allows each institution to discern patterns and behaviors which influence retention, persistence, and completion rates.

SeligoAI reduces marketing costs…

  • by offering a client relationship management system which serves multiple departments: recruitment, retention, fundraising, workforce development, and alumni relations.
  • by providing an integrated campaign management system with SeligoAI’s communication center and campaign management response systems.
  • by including a notification system which allows role-specific recipients to be alerted of various types of notices and information.
  • by aggregating statistical information which allows each institution to discern patterns and behaviors which influence enrollment, retention, persistence and program completion.
  • by featuring multiple geospatial analyses which support recruitment, persistence, retention, completion, and workforce development programs.
  • by consolidating various software features into SeligoAI.

SeligoAI optimizes institutional resources

  • by facilitating planning and implementation of programs that support Student Success.
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