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SeligoAI’s real-time, industry-leading analytics and visualizations transform student-focused planning and the delivery of timely services.

Be prepared and communicate with each student prior to and after enrollment about institutional resources which support Guided Pathways and Student Success.


  • offers real-time data visualizations and interactive resources and improves student-focused services!
  • integrates internal and external data sources, and displays salient, real-time information which supports Student Success and Guided Pathways.

What is an Enterprise Intelligent Agent?

SeligoAI analyzes and displays data from the college’s or university’s CRM, SIS, LMS, advancement systems and other data sources. SeligoAI utilizes machine learning to conduct advanced analytics and focuses on finding and keeping students, on data-informed decision making and on strategic management of the university’s key revenue streams. It brings these into an enterprise view for executive leadership.

SeligoAI deploys the same principles that executives use in industry and business. This methodology enables business executives and campus executives to serve customers and students more effectively by viewing intelligence data for each student, for each cohort, for alumni and for the entire campus…at the same time, in real time and in one platform.

SeligoAI is a major break-through! SeligoAI is the intelligent agent which provides administrative staff and faculty with actionable knowledge and with interactive features to act on newly acquired insights. SeligoAI is the intelligent data aggregator which connects all campus systems in its cloud-based integrated platform. It is the only intelligent agent that allows executives to view instantly all student engagement data in three key performance indicators calculated by machine learning: academic, financial, and comprehensive performance of the entire student body by cohorts and by individuals.

Data Informed Decision Making


Level One offers data from the essential transactional systems. Valuable insights are obtained from these individual systems.

SeligoAI Extracts, Transforms and Loads data (ETL) from multiple sources.

  • Analyzes and Displays Information.
  • Provides dynamic, actionable features.

SeligoAI analyzes and displays data to support Student Success (PLE) and Improved Institutional Sustainability (IGS)

  • PLE - Transform the Student Experience
  • IGS - Improves Institutional Growth and Sustainability

Level One offers data from the essential transactional systems. Valuable insights are obtained from these individual systems.

Level Two creates a dynamic data pipeline from internal transactional systems and from external resources. These combined data sets can then be integrated, researched, analyzed, reviewed, displayed and used to support personal learning experience and institutional sustainability. SeligoAI IGS brings these diverse data sets and resulting analytics into an enterprise view for executive leadership. It is the only intelligent agent that allows executives to instantly view all student engagement data in three key performance indicators calculated by machine learning: academic, financial, and comprehensive performance of the entire student body by individuals and by cohorts.

In the midst of significant change being driven by technology, by science and by information management, now is the time to utilize available resources to guide change in higher education’s learning environments and student services.

SeligoAI IGS also offers interactive visualizations, enabling executive officers, administrative staff and faculty the opportunity to immediately research and review salient information from diverse datasets. SeligoAI’s cloud-based integration platform improves data-informed decision making, personal learning experience programs and student services.

SeligoAI IGS enhances the value of data in transactional systems and mitigates the challenges associated with siloed data and siloed management. Campus executives, administrative staff and faculty can more accurately communicate challenges and opportunities to serve students and to improve institutional sustainability.

Access to Relevant Information

The fast-paced environment in which campus executives, administrative staff and faculty operate is more demanding than ever. Annual planning cycles, reporting schedules, campus activities, student services, community activities, personal learning experience plans, institutional growth initiatives, financial management and strategic plans all require timely, verifiable data and reports. When a marketing report is written or a contextual analysis is generated by a campus colleague, are some requisite data sources siloed and inaccessible? And when someone asks if emergent recommendations are data-informed, will all stakeholders acknowledge the data sources as reliable? Now, SeligoAI PLE and SeligoAI IGS offer an integrated platform featuring a pipeline of the institution’s data sources with advanced analytics and visualizations.

Creating a culture of data-informed planning and decision making requires the development of a multi-sourced repository of data and analytics. Student information is found in the campus’ transactional systems. If a campus intends to develop a comprehensive approach to Student Success, then all appropriate data sources need to be utilized with the understanding that there is authorized and authenticated access. The following two phrases, among others, “From Prospect to Alumna/nus” and “Student Lifecycle Management”, must be more than shallow rubrics. Each department of the college or university requires thoughtfully developed, data-informed analyses which support strategy and planning related to personal learning experience and institutional sustainability.

SeligoAI IGS offers ninety visualizations including charts, graphs, tables and uniquely designed displays. These visualizations support eleven SeligoAI IGS modules addressing marketing research and promotional strategies, recruitment, early alert, personal learning experience, communication channels and more.

SeligoAI PLE and SeligoAI IGS operate in the same integrated platform and offer complementary feature sets.

Technology, Strategy and Value

Question. What strategies should higher education leaders develop to leverage next-gen technology, data and analytics to improve engaged learning and to support the professional success of students, faculty and staff alike?

Answer. Create a culture of data-informed decision making and prioritized goal setting that leads to desired results.

Colleges and universities are actively engaging the challenges related to Student Success, Institutional Growth and Sustainability. There is a global quest to grow with the revolutions in technology, information and science. And now, SeligoAI-PLE and SeligoAI-IGS offer the requisite resources in one integrated platform with which to conduct data-informed strategy and to support essential operations related to students and donors.

  • Real-time access to relevant data
  • Configurable and customizable advanced analytics
  • Aggregated datasets from institutional systems
    • Student Information System
    • Client Relationship Management System
    • Learning Management System
    • Advancement-Fundraising System
    • Other Internal Data Resources
    • External Data Resources
  • Ninety Visualizations
  • Ten modules to support primary workflows

SeligoAI PLE – Transform the Student Experience

Post-secondary education is a very significant transition for the student and for the student’s family. It’s an experience accompanied by excitement and anxiety, by hope and uncertainty, and by a new level of financial and academic responsibility. The number of transactional experiences include application for admission and financial aid, academic advisement, course registration, submission of vaccination records and of health insurance, and payment for a parking permit. Walking the campus and finding classrooms is a necessity if the student enrolls in traditional, on-ground classes.If the student chooses online programs, that’s another set of experiences. The initial login to the campus learning management system and the student portal is a rite of passage accompanied by a personal resolve and encouragement from family to be diligent in using these resources.

Buying books and accessing online resources, paying student accounts online and finding essential online library resources all represent a further level of personal investment in the post-secondary experience. And by the way, the student has not yet begun classes, nor reviewed a class syllabus, nor heard a lecture or completed a lab, nor taken a quiz.

Orientation and the First Year Experience Class are just beginning. The student may not realize that some of these activities could have been conducted online or that there is a messaging channel for 1st Year Students who are Computer Science majors.

This is not a complete list of the gateway experiences which students have throughout their post-secondary, college, and university experiences.

There’s a lot more. Work. Family. Unfamiliar learning and living environments. Unmet financial need. Declaration of Major. Internship. Socialization process. Learning Process.

  • Launch learning endeavor that fulfills a dream.
  • Offer an optimal learning environment for each student. Create smartly-designed personalized learning plans in an ethos and culture of curiosity and exploration. Each plan should reflect the student’s interests and level of preparation.
  • Transform student advising and mentoring. Student engagement becomes interesting, exciting and beneficial. Exchanges between students and advisors become beneficial and affirming discussions. Faculty and staff advisors now have the requisite resources to conduct advising or mentoring.
  • Provide each student and student family the kind of experience that each parent hopes the child will receive during their college.
  • Align each student’s cognitive skills, behavioral skills and personal resources with guided pathways that lead to personal growth and program completion.

SeligoAI IGS - Institutional Growth and Sustainability

  • Make sense of the endless stream of information, comments and reports given to campus executives and senior administrative staff.
  • Assist campus executives discover opportunities for growth and improvements which they never thought imaginable.
  • Use ninety visualizations to support the development of cogent, data-informed reports. The information is salient and understandable.
  • Guide comprehensive planning.
  • Save money and improve resource allocation!

SeligoAI IGS - Institutional Growth and Sustainability

  • Personalized Student Success Plans
    • Increased Student Markets Guided By Recruit Interactive Visualizations
      • Marketing Research and Analytics
      • Geospatial Analyses
      • Institutional Research and Analytics
      • Funnel Management Metrics
      • Communication Resources/Campaign Management
      • Event Calendar
    • Retained Students With Early Alert
    • Managed and Documented Internships
  • Improved Student Engagement, Student Success and Gainful Employment
  • Personalized Student Success Plans
  • Data-Informed Strategic and Annual Planning
  • Smarter Comprehensive Marketing and Promotional Planning
    • Internal Student Markets
    • External Student Markets
  • Increased Revenues and Reduced Expenses
  • Informed Distribution of Merit-based Institutional Aid
  • Improved Alumni Network, Increased Gifts and Partnerships
SeligoAI uses analytics to increase the value of your campus’ educational experience. Students, faculty and administrators will experience the value. Campuses can wrap their data around the academic experience to improve a variety of services and outcomes.
SeligoAI uses intelligence agents to inform administrative decision-making and to improve the student experience. These intelligent agents inform the allocation of financial and academic resources, student engagement and instructional goals.
SeligoAI reviews, measures and reports students’ behavior-based academic activities in real-time and enables timely responses.
SeligoAI can grow with your digitization index. It’s dynamic!


Measure student performance by Online, HyFlex, Traditional, Virtual Reality, Amazon Smart Space programs.
Equip teachers, faculty, administrative staff and student success coaches with real-time interactive visualizations.
Serve students more effectively through a convenient “line of sight” across all data systems in one environment.
Communicate with students regarding their performances on formative and summative assessments in real time.
Leverage the next-gen, Amazon cloud-based environment.  SeligoAI’s platform grows with your ever-expanding  vision.


Access data from a single source to review your campus’ major systems of record: SIS, CRM, LMS and more!
Leverage Amazon Data Lake with Data Preparation. Includes structured and unstructured data. Drill down on issues affecting your college, your university.
Improve your Data Health and Data Governance system. Expand analytics, visualizations and intelligence.
Expand the use of Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics to improve academic and administrative management.
Enjoy 100 Plus Interactive Visualizations and the tools to implement your new ideas.
Use SeligoAI’s real-time dashboards to make data-informed pivots. Think and act strategically!

SeligoAI.  The advanced digitization ecosystem which provides the smart campus experience.

All statistics in real time

SeligoAI impacts your institution's fiscal outlook, increasing net tuition revenue and stabilizing financial planning.

100% mobile & cloud accessible

Fully-integrated digital marketing capabilities offer proactive outreach to recruit prospective students as well as to retain current students.

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