Student Engagement Reimagined!

A 360 Intelligent Student Engagement solution for Higher Education.

As every student travels their own path, SeligoAI enables you to manage each unique academic journey with fresh eyes, timely insights, informed conversations and engaged guidance.

Over 100 Role-Specific Tools

Give your Academic and Administrative Teams a Better way to Plan, Engage and Measure.

Track and Guide Each Individual's Path

SeligoAI supports an asymmetrical, individualized, curious and dynamic learning process. The collaborative learning experience between faculty and students is the single most important interaction on campus. It is complex, holistic and highly personal.

Support Your At-Risk Students in Real-time

So how do we know who is at-risk?

SeligoAI's advanced statistics alert you to students who are at-risk of dropping out. And we use behavior-based early indicators to understand who is most at risk in the first days of school, not when it's too late.

Create Your Own Action Plans to Serve Your Students Best

Tools For Institutional Effectiveness

SeligoAI's visual platform touches every aspect of the student lifecycle. It informs student recruitment, persistence and program completion. Built by Academics, it is your guide for administrative decision-making and resource allocation to support faculty and students.

See the School Community as a Whole

By serving the individual you're serving the needs of the community. SeligoAI recognizes that student success and institutional sustainability are inextricably bound. The more faculty members and students understand about the nature of their teaching and learning experience, the more successful the institution as a whole will be.



Dedicated to Every Student's Personal and Professional Growth.

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