When your
students succeed,
your school succeeds.

Higher ed needs higher performing student relationship management software to understand student life factors. Get the tools and resources you need to deliver an exceptional student experience and achieve better financial and academic outcomes. The SeligoAI platform helps higher-education administrators interpret data, understand life factors, and support students throughout the entire student learning lifecycle. SeligoAI provides a better experience for your students – and better financial performance for your school.

Why is student success so important? You do the math

The Problem

SeligoAI addresses the major challenges facing higher education:


SeligoAI is the first truly end-to-end platform that helps schools improve their financial outcomes by empowering administrators to support students. Now schools can understand, interpret, and support students all the way from pre-enrollment through graduation day.

SeligoAI helps you manage the entire student experience, including




Get full support for you and your team
Improve Student Lifetime Value and Culture







Now you can overdeliver for your undergraduates

SeligoAI has been thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of modern-day schools. It overcomes the shortcomings of current solutions for administrators and provides the tools to overdeliver for students

It knows what matters most

SeligoAI focuses on variables important to your school’s success (Student Lifetime Value, expenditures, tech-stack complexities), and students (retention, persistence, and program completion rate).

Helps you work smarter, not harder

SeligoAI is intuitively designed with the user, and student, in mind, underpinned by human-assistive technology that makes your job measurably easier.

It speaks to students

SeligoAI utilizes multimodal communication (email, text, video calls, etc.) that meets students where they are to increase engagement and interactivity.

It does its homework

SeligoAI is based on a relational, mentoring model rather than a transactional (process) model, which is proven to greatly increase the likelihood of student success and financial outcomes for higher ed.

It learns on the job

SeligoAI utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence, so it practically teaches itself and gets more useful to your organization the more you use it.

Offers higher value for higher ed

SeligoAI offers a sustainable educational ecosystem by producing much better outcomes for students – retention rates, persistence, completion, etc.

A shorter tech stack that gets the job done

SeligoAI is an end-to-end replacement for the disparate platforms your team uses, so no more cobbling together partial, half-baked tech solutions.

*The National Student Clearinghouse; Michael Porter’s Five Forces of Competition

A new revolution in higher education that’s decades in the making.

SeligoAI was founded 5 years ago by Dr. Gregory Jordan, leveraging 40+ years in higher-education and technology. A significant investment of time and money went in to developing a data-driven, science-backed end-to-end solution that modernizes the Student Experience and addresses diversity, equity and inclusion.

This platform went to school on Amazon

SeligoAI is part of the AWS Partner Network (APN) , which is a global community of partners that leverages programs, expertise, and resources to build, market, and sell customer offerings.

The Technology

Zoom In. Zoom Out.

Gain insights on living and learning environments, and networks that support the complete Student Experience from their 1st year studies, to employment, and to life-long networks

90+ visualizations

Get real time, micro- and macro- views that provide cohort-based analyses and enable you to drill down to individual student learning factors. Review factors affecting retention, persistence, and program completion.

Fully customizable platform.

Shape your Student Experience to get better results. Enhance your Culture – Communication – Assessment – Placement – Monitoring – Intervention – Support sequence. Boost your retention, persistence, and program completion rates.

Academic Alerts

Know which students need assistance and understand the optimal ways to support them.

Performance Trends.

Review students’ life, learning, and wellness needs prior to their first classes and observe their learning progress throughout their student experience.

The Company

NY, selected presenter
3x speaker and participant

Dr. Gregory Jordan, Ph.D, MBA, M.Div. , M.A.

The Founder

SeligoAI is driven by Dr. Gregory Jordan, Ph.D, MBA, M.Div., a well-regarded higher-ed executive leader, technologist, and EdTech thought leader.

Marshall D. Lewis.


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