SeligoAI is an innovative software company that offers an industry-leading Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics solution for community colleges, for four-year colleges and for universities.  One hundred digital applications are available which access multiple datasets, perform automated calculations, and display visualizations designed to facilitate student-focused planning and decision-making.

SeligoAI’s Advanced Analytics uniquely integrates probability analysis into recruitment and retention systems employed at community colleges, four-year colleges and universities. Probability analysis is generated by machine learning through the application of multiple algorithmic calculations. The resulting probability-values simplify student evaluation by identifying core strengths and opportunities in each student’s portfolio, providing contextual intelligence during the enrollment periods of the institution. These individual evaluations are supplemented by various data points, cohort-based analytics, and unique software applications which allow insight into recruitment and retention trends.  Why do this? To improve Student Success.

Real-time access to institutional data and information offers the following benefits:

  • provides a comprehensive, current perspective on student-focused priorities;
  • identifies existing or potential administrative challenges;
  • clarifies specific areas for improvement;
  • measures and manages implemented student success solutions;
  • enables institutional networks to be expanded; and
  • facilitates market analyses, research, and reporting.

SeligoAI provides immediate access to salient, actionable information to support effective planning and decision-making regarding student recruitment, retention, persistence, graduation, internship and job acquisition.  SeligoAI’s highly differentiated interactive tools related to the areas of analytics, geospatial analytics, marketing, and communications reduce costs and generate measurable value.  These interactive tools transform administrative workflows and assist administrators in achieving institutional priorities.

The SeligoAI Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics solution is designed to serve Community Colleges, Four-Year Colleges, and Universities.

SeligoAI offers visualized data and better results by focusing on the following:

  • Role-Specific Data Visualization
  • Retention and Recruitment Relationship Management
  • Student Affinity Systems
  • Multichannel Student Engagement Communications
  • Funnel Management Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics and Resources
  • Student Success Benchmarks
  • “Heads Up” Early Alert Student Support Interventions
  • Organic and Responsive Recruitment via SeligoAI Barista and SeligoAI Road Trip


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    The core of the SeligoAI system is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). You will benefit from data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of many leading organizations. We have built the most scalable and highly available system possible on AWS.

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